Teacher's Depot


The train departs almost immediately. Be sure to have your tickets ready as your train conductor (Linde Crawford) will be by to collect it. SOoooooooooooo.....pick up a good book and enjoy the ride into literature.

The Booksville Station

Have you ever wondered whether there was a lesson plan on the World Wide Web for that book you just pulled off the shelf? Well...get off this train at the Booksville Station by just clicking above!

The Authorville Station

You've decided that the class novel you just read was wonderful.You or your students want to learn more about the author or you want to find another book by that author. Check these sites by clicking Authorville above.

The Themesville Station

So you've worked on that wonderful chocolate unit and now you need a book to go with it. You've come to the right place! Maybe you picked up "The Diary of Anne Frank" and now you need some ideas.....well, just look through the sites in themesville.

The Questville Station

Next stop.....the Questville Station...It's loaded with ready-made webquests to help you integrate technology with your curriculum lessons. There's even information here on how to build your own webquest!

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