Below are the sites where you can find ready-made lesson plans to go along with many, many different books.
Be sure to check more than one site as many of the books you are looking for have different plans for the same book.

Book Units
According to the author of this page, you can find a collection of lesson, units, activities for books for
preschool to twelve grade.

Carol Hurst's Literature Web Site
A listing of all the books reviewed on this site. The most interesting and useful thing about those reviews.......after each review there is a listing of various places where you can find lesson plans, units, and themes to go along with each book.

Glencoe LiteratureBook reports and information for specific novels.

Language Arts
Look about a third of the way down the page and you will find an alphabetical listing of books under Literature.

Lesson Plan Search
Units, lesson plans, theme plans for a great number of middle school novels.

Menu of Novel Resources for Language Arts Teachers
Lots of generic lesson plans for books in general. Nice site!

Novel Study Guides for the Classroom
Book report ideas for specific novels.

Books by grade level.